Who We Are

Pat Moran  is a founder of S*E*L*F. and has attended Level One EAGALA training as an Equine Specialist. Pat has a Master’s Degree from Villanova University and has spent more than 25 years in the computer industry. Additionally, she was the owner of the Sealark Bed & Breakfast in Avalon, New Jersey for almost 30 years. Although coming from such a diverse background, Pat’s passion has always been horses. She owns one of the horse therapists, Sealark, a.k.a. Beau – the palomino horse whose pictures are on the website. Pat knows what horses can do for individuals and groups and has worked with Cheryl to offer that experience to our clients.  To contact Pat – patmoran@seaviewequine.org 0r 609-408-3310.

Cheryl Moore  is a founder of S*E*L*F. and is a certified EAGALA Equine Specialist. Cheryl has a degree in Early Childhood Education.  She has been working with special needs children for 20 years at Cape May County Special Services.  She has worked directly with the autistic population, behavioral students and children with developmental disabilities. Cheryl’s passion for horses and the gifts that they possess are the main tools in bringing special needs children to more individual independence.
The many hours/lessons with special needs children have brought Cheryl the realization that HORSES can be a quiet and gentle tool to help people become more independent in thoughts and actions.  To contact Cheryl – cherylmoore@seaviewequine.org  or 609-741-5448.

Abby Sykes is the Manager of Star Hollow Stables. Abby has a Bachelor of Science degree from Centenary College in New Jersey, majoring in Equine Studies.  Abby is the leader to the 4H club Star Hollow Riders and is a board member of the English Circuit of South Jersey. Abby and Matt have both attended Level One EAGALA training on their way to becoming certified Equine Specialists. To contact Abby – amrevoir88@yahoo.com or 609-425-9055.

Matt Sykes works with Abby at Star Hollow Stables. Matt’s love for horses started in 2009 after meeting Abby’s horse Poco.  Ever since, Matt finds himself working on the farm when he’s not working at his full time job as a police officer in the shore town of Avalon. To contact Matt – sykes6176@gmail.com.

Lee Cathrall  is a S*E*L*F* volunteer since May 2013. She is a Certified PATH (Professional Association of Certified Horsemanship) Registered Instructor, and is qualified as an ESMHL. Lee has been working with disabled riders since 2009.  Lee has retired as a Social Worker for Cape May County. She has her BA degree in Health and Gerontology. She previously volunteered at the Cape May County Special Services School District when taking courses in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.  Lee has a love of all animals and truly enjoys sharing the joy they can bring with the students. To contact Lee- acathrall@hotmail.com

Diana Akeret is a S*E*L*F* volunteer since May 2015. She is a certified EAGALA Mental Health Professional. Diana has a Master of Social Work degree from Rutgers University. She has more than 15 years experience providing counseling services in the local community. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Diana has specialized training in trauma counseling and recognizes the therapeutic benefit of animal-assisted therapies. To contact Diana- office – (609) 675-6907, Diana@breeze-recovery.com

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